Written by Founder: VividEarthAnina Malherbe-Lan

February 3, 2024

By Pascal Najadi

Ladies and gentlemen,

Remember the last few decades when our ‘elected’ state bureaucrats, paid by our tax money, violated our Constitution, elevated their offices above the law, crawled upwards, stepped on our heads, and went for the kill, Covid19, thinking they had it all.

They all walked unknowingly straight into our sparkling Kaleidoscope of meticulously constructed global stratagems, including the largest live Central Casting operation ever.  A giant film, the faked Biden administration since January 20, 2021. We set the Stratagems to ‘locked’ without anyone suspecting anything. In December 2023, ‘click’ and they shut and locked. Reading this when trapped is definitely the worst excruciating pain, realizing utter imprisonment  with no escape.
Find out how Donald J. Trump, the current wartime president and commander-in-chief of the United States, and the US military sabotaged their last attempt to set up a Nazi one-world government whose only goal was to attack and try to wipe out the human species.

All humans should realize that no one will injure or betray them anymore. And this here is a special greeting directed at all the bad and perverted people, Covid tyrants, fascists, rogue politicians, and unreliable judges and prosecutors out there.

Great War Strategist, General Sun Tzu said:   “Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance.”

Discover and enjoy the Disclosures of Operation #STORM, the most successful and largest ever clandestine military war operation since Humankind’s beginning on Earth. 


The US Defense War Operation #STORM is surfacing soon in 2024. Unstoppable !


#SemperSupra 💫


Pascal Najadi


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