Written by Founder: VividEarthAnina Malherbe-Lan

January 19, 2023

The Starseed phenomenon is not new, but there has been a resurgence in interest in recent years. With increasing frequency, I hear the questions: How do I know if I am a Starseed? Why am I here? What can I do to help humanity?

The general understanding about Starseeds is that a Starseed is a human who exists on Earth in the present. However, Starseeds have experienced life elsewhere in the Universe, on other planets and in non-physical dimensions other than Earth. They carry those memories within, often without being conscious of them.

They are old souls and have had complicated past lives in many cases.

They are here for service to humanity. There are many Starseeds incarnated on this planet at this time. You are not here alone.

They are here to help lead the way as Earth enters the Age of Aquarius, an era of enlightenment and higher consciousness.

Starseeds always have the feeling that something is missing and that they have some unfinished business on Earth.

Not all Starseeds are aware that they are Starseeds. Star seeds have generally had several lifetimes on Earth. They have sought to remember who they really are and why they are here. Many star seeds come from other higher dimensional worlds, galaxies, and star systems such as the Pleiadian, Sirian, and Andromedan star systems.


The Starseeds are souls who have incarnated many times on other planets and in other systems throughout the universe. They are part of a galactic federation working together to raise the level of consciousness on planets such as Earth who are choosing to move into higher levels of light.

These Starseeds are often called “lightworkers” or “wayshowers” who hold a specific role in assisting the planet and its inhabitants in making this transition.

The Starseed mission is to bring love, light, healing, and joy to the planet. They are here to help lead Earth into an age of enlightenment where there is peace and universal love.

Starseeds have many different experiences when they incarnate into a human body. Many feel out of place or like a stranger in their own world.

The feeling of not belonging here on Earth can be pretty distressing for some Starseeds as they may be experiencing a spiritual awakening.

Starseeds may go through a period when they find themselves questioning their existence or why they are here on Earth.


It is possible to identify whether you are a Starseed or not with the following list of traits. If more than half of them apply to you, then it is very likely that you are a Starseed:

You feel like you don’t belong here, and can have difficulty relating to others.

You feel a deep sense of longing for your ‘true home’ and wonder what your true purpose is on this planet.

You feel like an outsider and don’t really fit in.

You may have long-standing abandonment issues, (primarily because you feel abandoned by Spirit).

You are often wise beyond your years, and people probably call you an ‘old soul’.

It’s a challenge for you to spend time in loud, crowded or noisy environments.

You often feel the need to recharge your energy at the end of the day by resting.

Sometimes you might have a tendency to be hyperactive or fidgety.

You often experience deja vu, and sometimes your dreams reveal future events.

You feel a deep connection to space and other worlds / beings / vibrations.

You can perceive the future and know things without knowing how or why you know them.

You have a strong desire to help others, especially when they are at their lowest point.

You may empathize and sense what other people are feeling (also known as being clairsentient).

You have suffered greatly in this life because of your sensitivity and ability to read other people’s feelings.

You often experience nebulous feelings of anxiety, worry, or fear.

As a child, you were very sensitive and perceptive, even though no one in your family

noticed or understood what was happening to you.

You may feel depressed or alone, not understanding why other people seem so content with life as it is.


They want to grow and evolve, just like everyone else.

And where better for a Starseed to grow and evolve than on Earth?

Think of it as an energy exchange. You, dear Starseed, agreed to contribute your Light, your vibration, to this Grand Experiment called the Ascension of Earth. In exchange, you get an unprecedented opportunity to accelerate your individual spiritual development in one of the greatest Soul laboratories in the Universe.


Many Star seeds go through a spiritual awakening process. They will feel lost and confused because they don’t really understand what is happening. As time passes, they eventually realize there is more to life than our society teaches and will start researching spirituality and metaphysics. They also start to experience increased synchronicity during this process.

Signs of a spiritual awakening include:

  • Becoming more interested in spirituality and metaphysics.
  • Feeling like you don’t fit in with society.
  • Experiencing an increase in coincidences and synchronicities.
  • Having more frequent, vivid dreams (or you start to remember your dreams)
  • Discovering psychic abilities such as clairvoyance or telepathy.
  • Feeling there is more to life than what we currently experience.
  • You feel drawn to spiritual topics like religion, conspiracy theories and alternative medicine. You often start researching these subjects and find they interest you more than they did in the past.
  • Your beliefs about the world often change dramatically. You try on new ideas, and then discard them when they don’t work for you anymore.
  • You may also experience increased empathy for others, and some Starseeds experience spontaneous opening of other intuitive capabilities.


In our universe, humans are believed to be the most evolved species. Many also believe there is no life form beyond human beings in this universe. But there are extraterrestrial life forms in other galaxies and universes.

A Starseed has been prepared for work on Earth by guides and angels. The souls of star seeds have come to Earth to bring their gifts and talents to the planet at this time of significant change. To achieve their goal, they need to develop their potentials and skills more on Earth than in another world or universe.

Here are some challenges a Starseed faces while they live on Earth:

  • Low-level vibrations: Earth’s atmosphere vibrates at a low level of energy which hinders the growth of a Starseed.
  • Negative energy: Starseeds cannot wholly escape negative energy all the time because negativity surrounds us everywhere we go
  • To remember who you are and what your mission is.


You are a Light Being who has volunteered to incarnate here. You have agreed to take on human form to serve Mother Earth and her population.

Starseeds might also have had previous lifetimes on Earth. However, most Starseeds did not originate as a soul from Earth. Because Starseeds do not come from Earth, they do not have any racial memories of having derived from Earth.

Starseeds generally have no memory of their true origins. However, this is changing as more and more Starseeds begin to awaken to their true nature and purpose for being here now. Typically, Starseeds start to wake up around thirty years of age.

There are indications of a change in this trend in the last decade or so. Starseeds are awakening earlier and therefore are capable of being more conscious with their contributions.

Their soul may have originated from another world, time period, or dimension. A Starseed’s task is to help Earth and humanity evolve.

The Starseed mission is a journey of self-discovery. It is about finding the deepest part of yourself and discovering the true you. The journey you are on is unique. No one has ever done or will do precisely what you are doing.

It’s time for humanity to wake up from the dream of separation and realize we are part of the divine Source. We are one with each other and everything in creation.

We are here to awaken to this truth, clear our karma and step into full sovereignty.

Article by Julia Marie

Source: Era Of Light

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