The root cause of disease and how to overcome it

Written by Founder: VividEarthAnina Malherbe-Lan

June 9, 2024


One of the primary causes of disease.. Are you getting enough Omega-3?
I wanted to share the latest communication from Zinzino with you. As mentioned in my interview with Dr Illona E Wilken, I was exceptionally impressed by this company and the work that went into making this one of the most important supplements you can ever take. It’s turned around millions of lives, literally…


Bring your Omega-3 levels back into balance Don’t leave your health to chance by not addressing one of the main causes of disease. Zinzino can help you reveal and restore the gap of essential nutrients in 120 days   Learn More

Why antioxidants are Omega-3s’ best friends  

Antioxidants are necessary to keep the Omega-3s fresh in bottle and body. ­ Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants naturally found in fish and extra virgin olive oil. ­

Our BalanceOil+ is virtually oily fish in liquid form and our BalanceTest is proof in writing. ­

Power your body from within Get started with our Balance Concept featuring our fatty acid blood spot test and Omega food supplements.   Buy our bestseller

If you haven’t watched my interview with Dr Illona E Wilken PhD yet, here’s the link: 



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