This is the most successful strategy to defeat the evil elites

Written by Founder: VividEarthAnina Malherbe-Lan

May 26, 2023

Our mission is to prevent world tyranny by criminal elites. How can we do this? Simple: by exposing their true nature to humanity.

The magic trick used by the evil elites to deceive humanity, consists of two acts:


1) Hide behind supposedly humanitarian organizations, like the World Health Organization, World Economic Forum, United Nations, etc.


2) Orchestrating crises and then claiming to save the world by offering their solutions


In short: they play a clown act of being the saviors of the world.


The way to stop their agenda, is by revealing their true nature to the world. We must pull off their masks, and show their true face. In order to do this, we must be strategic and clever. We can’t just run around like a bunch of idiots, making a lot of noise, without being effective.

We are in an information war

They use false information to convince the world that they are good, and everyone opposing them is bad. Vaccines are good, vax deniers are bad. Mainstream news media is good, alternative media is bad. Governments are good, those who resist are bad. The World Economic Forum is good, and those who say otherwise are bad. The UN and WHO are good, and all who disagree are bad. People who comply are good, those that resist are bad. Scientists who repeat their narrative are good, scientists who present actual science are bad. And so on.

That’s why they have deployed fact checkers: to deny all truth that exposes their evil nature, and shift the blame to people who reveal truth.


Everything the dark side does, is focussed on convincing the world that they are good, and everyone opposing them is bad. They need to maintain this clown act by all means, because once humanity sees their true nature, it’s game over for them.

Millions of law enforcement officers, healthcare workers, school directors, local news media, politicians, etc. unquestioningly execute their insane orders, because they believe it’s for our good. Once these millions of minions become aware that they are actually serving supervillains, they will stop obeying and start resisting. That renders the elites powerless.

The pedophilia agenda
will wake up the world

That’s why I made the report about their agenda to normalize pedophilia. It shows to humanity what the real nature is of the World Health Organization and United Nations.

Pedophilia is a topic that causes all mamma bears to stand on their hind legs and show their teeth to protect their cubs. This topic will unite humanity more than anything else.

A vast portion of mankind will never accept the truth about vaccines, because they are simply too brainwashed. They truly believe that all injections offered by the government are for their good. “What the government says is good, all who disagree are bad.” For billions of people, this belief cannot be broken. It’s the core of their mind and heart. The foundation of their existence.

But when they hear how their governments are pushing pedophilia into primary education, many of these people will wake up. Because everyone knows that sexual child abuse is evil. This binds humanity together, and it opens the eyes of the world to the true nature of the authorities they blindly trust.

That’s why I want to encourage everyone to use this report in a strategic way to remove the mask from these criminals.

Stop creating chaos
and become strategic

Too many people who are opposing tyranny, operate without strategy. We shout too much in all kinds of directions, without properly aiming our arrows. We are like a bunch of warriors slinging our slingshots in all directions, not really knowing what to aim at.

There is too much noise, too much chaos, shouting and hollering about the enemy, without taking good aim at their vulnerable spots.

We don’t need to shout and jump and throw rocks at the monsters all day long. Just one carefully selected pebble, thrown with great precision… and down the giant goes. The rock penetrates its skull and kills it at the spot.

Be strategic, pray for wisdom, ask for guidance, be effective in how you attack the strongholds of deception.

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