Written by Founder: VividEarthAnina Malherbe-Lan

February 19, 2023

Our first VIVIDEARTH Community Event is designed for Sovereign Truth Seekers who are interested to connect with a like-minded community of people, within which they can learn & grow, and together co-create a new future.

We have incredible speakers lined up for our first event, including SA Jural Assembly’s Michelle Mountain and Pierre Odendaal to discuss Sovereignty & Natural Law with an introduction on our unalienable rights. Intuitive healer, Dana Meistre Meistre-Comley will discuss tips & tools on how we can find Balance in Mind, Body and Soul in 2023. Founder of Africology, Renchia Droganis will discuss Natural Wellness, Inside Out.

Designed as an interactive half day event with panel discussions people will be able to ask questions and interact with one another.

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